About Us


Established in 1977 with a feeling of social responsibility of creating employment opportunity and meet other social obligations. The enterpreneurs possessed sufficient technical competence, wide experience and expertise to produce Pneumatic Tools adn dedication to achieve perfection.

Our Histroy

The unit of API started in a small shop at Kalyani in the industrial backward district of Nadia near Kolkata. Different products have different field of application such as mines, quarries, steel plants, smelting plants,construction, water well drilling, wagon building. This is the only established manufacturer of the items listed in the products section in the eastern India.

Company Profile

API believes in development API believes in development of human resources, cultivate a close relationship among people and society a sense of dedication to achieve goal. The unit progressed with steady growth expanding its business in different parts of the country. Keeping pace with the expanding business. API instituted expansion in different sections. API put incessant effort for qualityimprovement and innovation to achieve excellence. It developed import substitution through its research and development activities and developed Valve less DTH Hammer from Valve DTH Hammer. The company is in pursuit of more improved version of this item and also other items. API added Hydraulic products to its range of products.

With the passage of time huge expansion has taken place in different fields throughout the country with increasing demands for popular API's products. To cope up with this API thoroughly modernized its factory by installing sophisticated plants and machinaries and restructured different section for development of new generation products. In addition to the technological strength and expertise of its personnel API takes the help of American petroleum Institute (API) and ASTM for standardizing its products to global presence.